Monitoring Oracle MySQL 8.0 Enterprise

Tuesday, 07 May 2019 by Lucas Vogel

MySQL Enterprise Monitor is the visualization dashboard containing all relevant information about the MySQL Servers being monitored - from replication topology to low-level OS configuration settings.

Category: Enterprise Features


  • Asset Views were added to include Agents and Hosts. The Agent view shows you all of the Enterprise Monitor agents registered with your manager instance, with a summary of their operational status and agent details in the detail view. The Hosts view gives you similar operational information on the host as well as a detail page outlining the hardware and OS details.
  • Enterprise Monitor allows you to delete assets from the user interface. It should be noted that this simply removes the agents from Enterprise Monitor and should only be performed on assets no longer in use.

Let's take a look at some of the key components that make up Enterprise Monitor functionality.


Advisors are components that parse and evaluate information received from the monitor agents. When the data meets the advisor's criteria threshold, an Event is raised. This event is fed into one or more Event Handlers, which perform some condition when an event is raised, allowing an email or an SNMP message to go out. These events will show themselves in Enterprise Monitor until they are manually closed by an operator.

Events Page

There are over 200 advisors in MySQL Enterprise Monitor covering 14 different categories, all of them enabled by default. There are two types of advisors - expression-based for simple filter criteria, and GUI-based for more advanced settings. You can also create you own custom advisors on the Advisor Management page.

Query Analyzer

The MySQL Query Analyzer gives you detailed information on the SQL statements performed against your database environment, grouping similar statements together. The Analyzer window gives you quantity and performance metrics on you SQL queries, and other details recorded by the MySQL Performance Schema.

Query Analyzer

Query performance levels are configurable and use the Apdex formula to calculate the Query Response Time Index, to establish your Quality of Service (QoS) levels for the Query Analysis Reporting Advisor which will trigger warning events if the query performance QoS is violated.

Enterprise Backup Dashboard

Enterprise Monitor displays the history and progress of MySQL Enterprise backups for the database environment.

MySQL Backup details

Enterprise Replication Dashboard

Replication Dashboard gives you a detailed topology of your replication environment, highlighting any offline systems or problems within the environment.

Replication Topology

Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL

Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL integrates MySQL Enterprise Monitor with the existing Oracle Enterprise Manager platform. A more comprehensive overview of what this looks like can be found in this video: