MySQL Document Store

Tuesday, 07 May 2019 by Lucas Vogel

MySQL Document Store is a feature of MySQL 8 that gives you document store collections of JSON documents up to 1GB in size in the same database as your relational data.

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storage-limits-what-exactly-do-they-mean) (2MB) or Google Datastore (1MiB) or even AWS DocumentDB (16MB).

Document Store Interfaces

The Document Store feature is enabled using the following components:

  • The MySQL X Plugin which enables the X DevAPI; MySQL Shell and all of the connectors have functionality built in to act as a client to the document server.
  • The X Protocol is a client protocol built on top of the Protobuf industry standard.
  • The X DevAPI is a new and modern way of working with your document data within MySQL.

Your code will look something like this:

/ Connecting to MySQL Server and working with a Collection

// Connect to server
var mySession = MySQLX.GetSession("server=localhost;port=33060;user=user;password=password;");

var myDb = mySession.GetSchema("test");

// Create a new collection "my_collection"
var myColl = myDb.CreateCollection("my_collection");

// Insert documents
myColl.Add(new { name = "Sakila", age = 15}).Execute();
myColl.Add(new { name = "Susanne", age = 24}).Execute();
myColl.Add(new { name = "User", age = 39}).Execute();

// Find a document
var docs = myColl.Find("name like :param1 AND age < :param2").Limit(1)
.Bind("param1", "S%").Bind("param2", 20).Execute();

// Print document

// Drop the collection

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MySQL Document Store

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